Drive Line Sleeves
Heavy and Medium Duty Drive Line & Axle Sleeve

The Heavy Duty Drive Line Sleeve was created to be a barrier between the drive line and where it is being stored during a tow. Simply slide the drive line and any corresponding hardware into the Heavy Duty Drive Line Sleeve, fold over any excess at the end, tape it shut and then store it anywhere on your tow truck or the customers vehicle without worry of transferring grease, oil or road grime. The Heavy Duty Drive Line Sleeve is ideal for heavy duty applications such as full size road tractors, cement mixers, dump trucks and much, much more. What if you need to pull the axles? We’ve got you covered. You can use the Heavy Duty Drive Line Sleeve as an Axle Sleeve. Just slide that oily axle along with the nuts, washers  and cones into the Axle Sleeve, fold over the excess, tape it shut and store it for transport. The Heavy Duty Drive Line Sleeve boasts a hearty 12 inches in diameter and 72 inches in length for those thick, long shafts. 


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